Adam Benson
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Guerilla Wanderers & Sony/Epic

MudVayne Music Videos

Visual Effects Artist

Visual effects work for a Mudvayne 3 Act Music Video Series. This project is for Sony/Epic Records. Check out Mudvayne's website at || Lead Maya Generalist. Created CG insects, particle effects, scene recreations and dynamic effects using Maya. Includes all modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. Also composited finished shots using Toxik and Combustion.

2009-12-01 to 2010-02-10


UAT Instructor

Camera Tracking/ Match-Move Instructor

Professor at the University of Advancing Technology, a private school in Tempe AZ. I am teaching Match-Moving and Digital Illustration. || Instructor of Match-move, Visual Effects and Digital Illustration

2009-09-07 to 2009-12-21

CiTAGA Project

Modeler, Cinematic Animator

Primarily worked as a 3D Modeler for the Video Game "The CiTAGA Project". I also created the Cinematic Opening AnimationVideo Game Modeling And Cinematic Animation

2005-10-01 to 2005-12-15

New Tales

Tales of an Ancient Empire

Visual Effects Artist

Created visual effects, set extensions, digital matte paintings, creature/particle effects and much more on a Val Kilmer / Kevin Sorbo movie! Check out their site at || Lead Maya Generalist. Created set extensions, fog & dynamic effects, as well as complete scene creation using Maya, Toxik, Combustion & Photoshop.

2009-09-18 to 2009-11-02

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The Perfect Planet

The Perfect Planet

Visual Effects Artist

Creation of a space bug that is found on The Perfect Planet. || Lead VFX Artist. Created CG Creature using Maya. Included all models, textures, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering. Also did the match-move and compositing.

2009-06-28 to 2009-08-01

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Brothers' inc.

Locker 13

Visual Effects Artist

Creation of title animation for Locker 13 television series. || Title Animation Artist. Created opening title sequence for Feature Film. Models, dynamics, textures, lighting were all done in Maya. Combustion was used for all compositing.

2009-06-16 to 2009-06-30

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Visual Effects Artist

Lead Visual Effects Artist. Created CG elements for photographed plates, included modeling, texturing, match-move, lighting, dynamics, animation and compositing. Primarily used Maya and Combustion

2009-05-10 to 2009-06-10

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Cinebrau Productions

On the Third Date

Sound, Visual Effects Artist

Ran production sound and operated Boom, did roto and paint out work. Did the sound mix for the final film. || Visual Effects Artist. Fixed "fix-it-in-post" footage issues. Included roto and paint-out. Also worked as Production Sound Engineer.

2009-06-06 to 2009-06-20

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Aurilia Arts

Ave Maria

Sound, Visual Effects Artist

Recorded production sound on set, post production sound mixing and I did the Post production VFX work || Visual Effects Supervisor/lead artist. Created composite effects for feature film. Work included rotoscope, 2D Particle Effects, Lighting and other general compositing techniques. Combustion was used for this job.

2009-01-20 to 2009-05-20

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