Adam Benson
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Syndrome Studios

Ultimate Animals

Project Lead / TD

Created many quadruped rigs for animal animations. Developed several pipeline tools using Python. Created textures for many animals. Used Shave and a Haircut to create animal Fur. Setup lighting for various scenes. Created particle systems for swarms and fluid effects. Did a number of animal character animations, and managed the animation pipeline. Setup and managed final renders.

2014-11-03 to 2015-03-27

Fall Out Boy - "Centuries"

Sr. Generalist / Crowd Sim TD

Worked primarily in crowd simulations using Golaem and Maya. Created and rigged Roman characters for crowd sims. Did lighting, texturing and rigging on Roman Colosseum. Handled most of the camera tracking using SynthEyes. Populated the Colosseum with crowds and setup shots for final rendering.

2014-08-04 to 2014-10-24

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Pause Festival Title Animation

Maya Generalist, Match-Mover

Match-moved plates, Created and Animated various shots and elements for integration into the plates.

2014-01-03 to 2014-01-21

People's Choice Awards Stage Graphics

Maya Generalist

Modeled, Textured, rigged and animated several various Stage Graphics for the 2014 People's Choice Awards

2013-10-18 to 2014-01-03

Disney XD Commercial Bumpers

Maya Generalist

Created graphic elements for commercial bumpers

2013-12-16 to 2013-12-20

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Title Animation

Maya Generalist

Created a series of dynamic effects, including CG fireworks, Fluid Effects, Streamers, Butterfly swarms and Confetti. Also built several animation rigs and did some lighting and texturing.

2013-11-04 to 2013-12-06

Various Projects

Maya Generalist

History Channel graphics, Katy Perry Stage Graphics, People's Choice Award Graphics, Electric Daisy Carnival graphics. Work is usually between one day and three weeks at a time on various projects. Some projects I only work as an animator, others I cover the gamut of needs for the effects desired.

2012-09-14 to 2013-11-14

Katy Perry Stage Graphics

Maya Animator

Created and animated stage graphics for display at a live event. Used some mathematical formulas in a MEL script to animate many of the parts.

2013-05-20 to 2013-05-22

The Bible - Title Graphics

Z-Brush, Maya Artist

Created graphic elements for promotional content.

2013-02-15 to 2013-02-16

Omnium Entertainment

Zero Universal

VFX Generalist

Created a series of Environment Shots. This was a Start-to-Finish project. I created all the models, textures, lighting, animations and other effects. Elements were distributed using particle systems. Some elements used hair systems, and other elements were completely 2D. Much of the environment was created in Maya, the rest was created in Nuke using a number of 3D compositing techniques.

2012-10-15 to 2013-01-18

Hydrogen Whiskey


FX Artist

Created boat wakes and assisted with missile trails. Work was done using Nuke and Maya Particles and Fluids.

2013-01-02 to 2013-01-09

Lost City Entertainment, inc

The UFOlogist

Visual Effects Artist

I was hired for this independent film project to create and integrate an alien of unique proportions into some hand held footage. This required me to do character modeling, which I used Maya and ZBrush for. I also had to do the UV Mapping and Texturing of the character, as well as the rigging and animating, and also the lighting and rendering. Furthermore I had to match-move the footage, which was very dark, with little detail, and very jerky. They did provide tracking markers, but only in key areas, which were not always in the shot. In the compositing stage, I was required to paint out the tracking dots before compositing the character into the final footage. There were 2 shots total on this project. I used Nuke for the compositing, Photoshop for some of the texturing, Zbrush for some of the finish modeling and texturing, SynthEyes was used for the tracking (with some assistance from Nuke) and Maya for everything else.

2012-06-05 to 2012-10-17

SDO Production

South Down Orchard

Nuke Compositor

Worked primarily as a Nuke Compositor. The job was mostly adding digital make-up to live action actors. This included adding cuts, bruises and blood. It required a lot of hand-held camera tracking, and paint out.

2012-09-03 to 2012-09-16

Tigar Hare Studios

Cloudberry Kingdom

3DS Max Generalist - Fusion Compositor

This is a video game cinematic project. I worked as the VFX Supervisor, and kind of a 3DS Max Generalist on this. Primarily on the Cinematic portions of the game. My duties include Character Modeling, PFlow Particle Effects and Simulations, FumeFX simulations, cloth simulations, prop modeling, texturing, animation and rigging. There is also some work being done in Eyeon Fusion 6.

2012-07-09 to 2012-08-17

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Flight 33


Maya Generalist

Created stereo visual effects shots, sometimes using live action plates. Required a full range of duties including modeling, lighting, texturing, rigging, dynamic simulations, fluids, animation and rendering.

2012-03-01 to 2012-04-30

America's Secret Slang: Y'all Speak Country

Maya Generalist

Created animated text interacting with live action plates. Required tracking, blocking, modeling, lighting, texturing, cloth simulations, and rendering.

2012-02-20 to 2012-03-09

The Universe

Maya Generalist

Create complete visual effects shots. Including modeling, texturing, lighting, layout, dynamics, animation, rendering and pre-comp. || Visual Effects Generalist

2011-10-14 to 2012-02-17

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