Visual Effects & Art Pipeline & Tool Development Music Composition & Performance Stories & Novels

About Me

Adam Benson is a CG Supervisor and Technical Director working in film and television creating award-winning visual effects for the world. He has worked as an advanced CG Generalist and Compositor, and has had high level professional experience in nearly all aspects of film and television production. Adam’s work as a visual effects artist includes titles like Star Wars: Phantom Menace, Stranger Things, Green Lantern, Thor, and The Mist. Known as a consummate problem solver, Adam also works as a software engineer and pipeline TD. Apart from code, he has been writing short stories, screen plays, novels and songs most of his life, and has been a semi-professional, touring guitarist and drummer. Adam is always switched on, and it always thinking. He has a passion for storytelling and wild creativity that is boundless in its possibilities. He’s a man that knows that there is always a solution, and tenacity is the key to finding it.


Sr. Maya Generalist

Advanced knowledge of Maya with skills including Rigging, Dynamics (Cloth, Fluids, Particles, Bifrost), MEL & Python Tools Development, Modeling, Shaders/Texturing, Lighting and Rendering

Sr. Nuke Compositor

High degree of experience with CG compositing, chromakeying, live-action integration, 3D Compositing and Stereoscopic Compositing.

CG Supervisor

Years of experience working with teams to create award winning visual effects quickly and efficiently.

Shotgun Engineer

Developing pipeline tools for Shotgun Desktop enabled studios

Pipeline & Tools Developer

Primarily Python tools development for Visual Effects and Studio Pipelines.

Problem Solver

I am highly regarded as a company problem solver. No challenge too great.