Adam Benson
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Direct Alliance

Direct Alliance

Graphic Artist, Programmer

Graphic arts, Illustration and ColdFusion Web Programming || Graphic Artist/Illustrator

2003-10-12 to 2004-07-10

Take Out Productions, L.L.C.

Take Out

Production Assistant

First Feature Film I worked on. I worked on as kind of an advanced P.A.Feature Film

2004-06-15 to 2004-07-10

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Digital Mobius Strip

The Voo Do!

Writer, Director, VFX Artist

Wrote and Directed a short for a film festival. As a VFX artist, I wrote it specifically around a certain number of effects and thus did most of the post FX work myself using 3DS Max and Combustion

2003-11-15 to 2004-03-30

David Blum Productions

God's Waiting List

roto paint artist

Painted out dust, scratches and tracking markers. Had to stabilize many of the shots to do the paint work.

2003-09-01 to 2003-11-01


Oklahoma City Community College

Graphic Artist, Programmer

I was the full time graphic artist and web programmer for the Student Life office at OKC Community College || Graphic Artists And Web Programmer

1998-08-12 to 2003-07-28

Adam Benson

The Stamp

VFX Artist, Animator

Created an animation for the 2002 SIGGRAPH Animated Short Festival.

2002-06-15 to 2002-07-31

Angry Teapots

VFX Artist, Animator

Created a short animation for a film festival.

2002-04-12 to 2002-05-31

Uncommon Passage

Uncommon Passage

VFX Artist

Created a title animation, logo, and on screen titles for a documentary Using 3DS Max, AfterEffects and Photoshop

2001-08-23 to 2001-10-12