Adam Benson
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Locked Horns Productions

Cowboy Dreams


Ran sound and boom for a short film starring Bill Engvall and Danny Trejo || Sound mix and boom operator on indie short film

2008-05-10 to 2008-05-11

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Stabbing Stupidity


Set up mics, mixed and recorded audio on the shoot.Sound Engineer for the production.

2006-12-15 to 2006-12-16

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The Long Shot

Editor, Composer

I worked primarily as the HDV film editor and I also wrote some of the music.Featurette

2006-05-01 to 2006-10-31

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Silent Nemesis Workshop, LLC

Villikon Chronicals


Worked as the Sound Engineer for the green screen shootsSound Engineer - Featurette

2006-09-22 to 2006-09-23

IFP Phoenix

Screen Wars

Editor, Composer, Sound Engineer

Edited the "Western" Series, as well as the "Drama" Series for a total of 10 Episodes. Some of this included writing music, and doing visual effectsEdited 10 Episodes of the Television Show "Screen Wars

2005-06-01 to 2006-08-31

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AOL/Time Warner

Bench Warmers Promotion


Worked with AOL/Time Warner to produce a Moviefone segment for AOL news. Actors included Rob Schnider, David Spade, and Jon HederPromotional piece for the movie Bench Warmers

2006-03-21 to 2006-03-21

THQ/Rainbow Studios

Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

Motion Capture Tech

Set up, Calibrated, suited-up, and shot motion capture sessions for Rainbow StudiosVideo Game Motion Capture

2005-03-01 to 2006-02-15

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UAT Instructor

Camera Tracking/ Match-Move Instructor

Professor at the University of Advancing Technology, a private school in Tempe AZ. I am teaching Match-Moving and Digital Illustration. || Instructor of Match-move, Visual Effects and Digital Illustration

2009-09-07 to 2009-12-21

CiTAGA Project

Modeler, Cinematic Animator

Primarily worked as a 3D Modeler for the Video Game "The CiTAGA Project". I also created the Cinematic Opening AnimationVideo Game Modeling And Cinematic Animation

2005-10-01 to 2005-12-15

Show-N-Tell Video

Show-N-Tell Video / AZ24p Services

Editor, Visual Effects Artist, Sound Engineer

I worked on a wide array of projects here. Feature Films (including The Hoax...), Commercials (Inluding Ashley Furniture, Swing Jacket), TV Shows (Screen Wars), and corporate videos (Including Sage Software)Ongoing Contract

2006-04-15 to 2008-07-13

Reading Ahoy

Editor, Visual Effects Artist

This was a job I did while working for Show-N-Tell video. The pirate ship was the highlight of the piece, but the whole thing was really great. This was for the City of Tempe. || Editing, 3D Modeling, Compositing and Sound work

2008-02-01 to 2008-02-15

Coming To Gilbert

Motion Graphic Artist

Animated Commercial, edited Clips, recorded secondary audio and mixed the audio programs together. || Set of 3 TV Commercials I did for a large community event in Gilbert, AZ. I Did the whole thing in Combustion with a small amount of Final Cut Pro editing for some of the clips.

2007-09-02 to 2007-09-14

Ashley Furniture

Sound, Assistant Camera

Did the live sound recording and assisted with the HD camera.Sound Tech / Camera Assist

2006-11-18 to 2006-11-18

Swing Jacket

Sound, Editor

Production sound on Swing Jacket commercial for the Golf Channel || Ran production sound for the Golf Channels "Swing Jacket" commercial

2005-10-22 to 2005-10-23

Gods Waiting List LLC

Gods Waiting List

Film Roto Paint

This was a simple Paint out for a 35mm film that had been damaged and needed scratch removals. There were some 30 or so clips that had been damaged in the can. || Paint out / Rotoscope

2005-07-01 to 2005-07-21

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