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I don't always consider myself a traditional artist. As a kid I really wanted to be logical like Commander Spock, a brilliant problem solver like Sherlock Holmes, and a know-it-all genius adventurer like Indiana Jones. My biggest irritation to those goals was my artistic, creative side. Clearly, I grew into the idea that I was a creative person at my core, and I have since found a way to balance my love of the logical, realistic and scientific with my acceptance that anything is possible in the artistic realm, and that I have a boundless creativity. I love it.

In some ways, I really don't like drawing pictures, making paintings and more traditional art. I often find it tedius and too subjective for my tastes. That being said, I can't always help myself, and I am often driven to draw and paint pictures. Of all my artistic endeavors, this is where I have the most insecurity about my abilities. I've learned to embrace it, and love it for what it is. I realize now, that love it or hate it, it's my art, and it is important and special to me, and that is all that matters. I'm sure there will be many people who like my pictures as much as I do, and there will be countless more who find it lacking, and amateur. That's ok. I made these pictures for me.

I love Pinup Girls. The old World War II calendar girls, and the pinups that were painted on aircraft have always inspired me. Thus, I do spent a fair amount of time drawing my own pinup girls, but I also love landscapes, birds and abstract art as well.

Some of these pictures have been and are available on canvas, and I'm more than happy to sell pieces that anyone finds intersting. Never hesitate to ask.