Adam D Benson Visual Effects - Music - Writing - Programming

Film, Television, Games VFX, CG & Comp Supervision
AdV. CG Generalist & Compositor

VFX Mad Scientist, Creator of the Impossible, Lover of Obscure Instruments. 

VFX/CG/Comp Supervisor, Technical Director and Pipeline Developer specializing in Characters and Creatures for Film, Animation and Episodic Television. Experience includes Show Supervision, Character Rigging, Animation and Tool Development. 

A true Generalist: I have worked in nearly every aspect of production from Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation to Crowd Simulations, Dynamics and Cloth Simulations, Hair, Fur and Muscle Systems, Toon Shading and Compositing. My diverse experience has included work for full CG animation, photo-realistic, stylized and toon shaded productions, as well as live and pre-recorded motion capture for films, games, and VR experiences. I have also worked on photo-real CG VFX for both film, episodic TV, and commercials.

Music Composition, Peformance & production Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Composor, Singer Songwriter & Recording Artist

At six, a shoebox tape recorder was my portal to magic, inspiring a lifelong love for recording. Piano lessons came next, a gift from my musical mom. Drums beckoned at nine, a legacy from my dad, while a pawn shop guitar unlocked a hidden talent at fifteen. The obsession grew, fueled by makeshift boom-box overdubs and high school bands like "Eight Minutes to Earth" and "The End of Day Marbles." Phoenix saw my studio dream realized as Trampled Fruit Records, before LA beckoned with its own musical adventures.

Today, I'm proud to share my latest and greatest music with the album "Quarantunes."

I'll jam in a garage, a dive bar, or a penthouse suite - as long as there's music, I'm home. Check out my tunes and stay tuned for more!

Novels, Screenplays, Short Stories & Essays Author of Novels, Episodic Series & Animation Screenplays, short stories and more.    

From recording radio-style stories in a shoebox tape recorder to crafting full-length novels, storytelling has always been my passion. "Flight," my first novel written at 13, led to a lifelong journey of writing thrillers, comedies, and elaborate adventures.

Currently, I'm excited to announce my upcoming release, "Ashling," slated for later this year, a meticulously crafted tale that's been years in the making. Additionally, I'm deep in pre-production for my next novel, codenamed "Wish." Beyond novels, I'm collaborating on seven television and animation series projects, alongside a slate of short stories. Stay tuned for more captivating tales from my pen!

Programming, Tools & Pipeline Development Developer of tools, stand-alone programs & Entire Pipelines.

Since the early '80s, when I was just eight, I've been hooked on coding. From those days typing code into a big brick of a computer for my dad, I've evolved into a coding wizard. Whether it's developing robust pipelines for studios like Aaron Sims Creative or whipping up handy artist tools for Maya, Max, and Nuke, I thrive on problem-solving with lines of code.

With a knack for rigging, dynamics, and database programming, I've tackled everything from ASP to Python, making computers my playground. And let's face it, in this digital age, knowing the language of our computer overlords is essential. Let me put my coding prowess to work for you and solve your tech challenges with style.

Latest Work

Adam Benson:
A dynamic visionary weaving visual effects, musical melodies, captivating tales, and cutting-edge technology into a tapestry of creativity and innovation.

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Adam was great on and off the set and we'd rehire the man again. His willingness to work well with others and ability to present new ideas on the set in a easy going manner made it a joy for us to have him as part of the team.

Brian Ronalds

Adam is an extremely talented person. He has a gift with technology and a creative enthusiasm he displays in his everyday life. I have worked closely with Adam and would highly recommend him for any VFX project big or small, Adam is not afraid to tackle it.

Tracey Shrier
Video Producer

Adam is a highly skilled, highly motivated production and postproduction guru who for several years was one of my most trusted collaborators on a number of projects. Adam and I first worked together when he was a student of mine at the University of Advancing Technology, and I quickly recognized Adam's skill and work ethic. After several semesters

Paul DeNigris
Chief Pixel Pusher at Foxtrot X-Ray

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Puppet Craft – Pt 1

We’ve gotten started on building out the first puppet for one of the short series we’ve been writing, and have we got plans for him. This prototype puppet is going to end up with a few siblings that are going to match him. Since he’s destined for a certain amount of near destruction, we’ll need […]

New Art For “Gone Girl” Music Video

I’ve got a few more paintings done for the Dioramas for my “Gone Girl” music video. The elements in these paintings are intended to be placed on cards and moved around once I get the sets built. The most distant background portions or the paintings are designed with a small amount of perspective so that […]