Since I was very young I've had a love of the written word.  I have been writing stories, books and poetry all of my life.  I wrote my first novel when I was 9, although it was never, and will never be published.  I wrote it by hand in multiple spiral binders and I can't imagine that the literature of my 9 year old self would be worth the read these days.  To date I've written 4 books, and only one of them has made it past the first draft.  I have written hundreds of poems, many of which have been turned into songs, and I have written countless short stories.  Much of my work was done when I was younger, but I've continued to write throughout my life.


I have been working on a very large writing project for the past 4 years and it is very near to completion.  I'm currently testing out titles and I'll announce the winner here in the next few days.


Until then...

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